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welcome to

Let's help each other during this economy pandemic !

Get E Done giving you the option to services.

Get E Done was created with the ideology that everyone is a consumer and a provider.
Everybody can help someone, somehow, even without running a business.

Everyone has a unique talent, and everyone has some extra time on his hands.

Most of us also have a desire to help others. Welcome to Get E Done, the place where you can help your neighbor and make some services barters or even earn extra cash for the skills that you already have.

Everyone is a consumer and a provider, no matter what your niche is. 

You can provide a service to someone, whether you’re a pro babysitter, 

an expert cleaner, a landscaping wiz, or a tech genius.

 If you have a talent, why not helping other and get help bask?

you can make dome barters or earn a living out of it? 

Get E Done connects service providers in all types of services categories, from food delivery, childcare, pet care, construction services, general help, and so much more.

Get E Done is a great solution for local people in need of your assistance.

How Does Get E Done Work?

Getting started is easy. 

All you have to do is sign up and create a profile. 

We ask you to fill out basics like your name, phone number, and email address – we know (this is boring), but stay with us, we’re getting to the fun part.

As a user  that needs something to be done quickly, you don’t want to spend your time on research, getting recommendations with the  hope that someone will be available to get your job done.


You don’t have to!!

There are many people out there, certified or non certified, that can get things done for you. 

You can make something else for them as a barter or you can pay.

Even if you pay for their service it will probably be cheaper and faster, but without ‘Get E Done’  you would probably never know about them.

Get E Done will find them for you!

It is simple and user friendly and even more, it is social.

We can all  help each other solve things faster and easier by using Get E Done and support our local community. 

As a provider you can always get a chance to make some extra cash however we encourage people to use the barter feature and help each other.

There’s no limit to how many services you can have. If you’re an excellent photographer, but also know your way around accounting, choose both. The more skills you have, the more jobs you acquire. 

Add in subcategories as well, to let users know a little bit more about your expertise and what kind of tasks you’d like to do for them.

If you are certified in some of the subcategories, don’t forget to mention it.

No need to be certified to get things done however, it can always help users to choose you from the list of providers. 

All that’s left to do now is to make sure that you are available to Get Service requests. 

Tap on the “Send Me Service Requests” button – and wait for the jobs to roll in!

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Get E Done is built to be as simple as possible in order to get everyone on board

Free registration

There are no fees or any payment in registration.
Get E Done is here to help the community to collaborate and get things done

From the ease of your own home

Returning from work or school?
Need some extra money for your dream car?
Get available for Service requests and
start earning extra cash.
It is Easy, It is Simple and It is Fun!

Get Things Done

Simply submit a request and Get E Done will find someone available who can start working on your request today


Get E Done is a worldwide global platform,
but at the same time it is very family oriented.
Think global, feel local.


How am i going to get paid?

Get E Done is not involved in any way in the payment process.

The provider and the user are responsible for the payment, in any way that they choose.

Get E Done only connects between a user who needs a service and someone that can provide the service.

We encourage people to user the barter option as it is the best way to help each other.

Remember you can help other just as others can help you.

What if a user misbehaves?

In order to prevent those unpleasant situations, we have created a strong rating system.

Everyone has two sets of ratings. 

User’s rating – any provider may and should rate the user and we recommend to leave a comment as well, so other providers will be able to know if a user is giving a difficult time to providers, in any way.

Provider’s rating – same as the user’s rating but also have an option to report whether the service completed successfully completed or not.

We also recommend the users to leave a comment, and to share their experience with the provider.

When a provider gets a service request, he will see the user’s rating and will be able to consider the service, based on the user’s rating.

As for the user, he will see the provider’s rating so that he can make decisions, based on the provider’s rating.

When it comes to a provider’s rating, the user can also see how many service requests are successfully completed by this provider.

what if i'm not happy with the service i received?

As mentioned, Get E Done is only connecting between users.

This is the provider’s responsibility to provide the best service that they can.

After all, they are users as well.

Everyone is a consumer and a provider.

However, our rating system is very strong, so no provider would like to get a negative rating.

The rating is a powerful tool that you can use to prevent others from unpleasant situations.

We recommend to check everyone’s rating before selecting a provider.

Can i get the provider's personal information?

Once you have selected the provider, you will see the provider’s information.

Once the user and provider have matched, they will see each others information.

From this point, you can communicate on the message system in the application and you can communicate via phone.


Can i use the same provider directly?

Get E Done is a system that is built to connect people.

The system is designed to find someone that is available, to get your things done as fast as possible.

We do recommend that you stay connected to each other, but at the same time, we know that time is important as well as price.

You can always try to find someone that is available right now and may be willing to do your request for less. 

I can't find a sub category that fits my needs

In every category there is a subcategory that is called ‘Other’.

Just submit your request with the ‘Other’ subcategory selected.

You can always contact us and we will be happy to add the category that will fit your needs.

How Works

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About us

Get E Done was founded by Miky Braun.

Miky was born and raised in a low income family.

He started to work in very early stage in life.

Mostly spent time looking for job opportunities as he was too young to own a business and the fanatical aspect was almost impossible for him.

Many times he found himself doing barters with people that he used to know.

Washing their car and instead of getting paid he got a cool hair cut or got someone to connect his tv to the stereo system and so on.

Miky says about the start of Get E Done:

“I was always thought that it would be great if I could get people to know my skills and to know that I am open to any service barter.

I was willing to do almost anything I could in order to make some money to buy my self things that my parents could not afford or get services that I wanted but was not affordable.

Many years i was frustrated because of the fact that if someone has no money – he cannot make money.

This is exactly the way it is !

How could I get people know that I am available, capable and willing to do the job they need wether for money or something that they should do for me?

How could I market myself so they know I have the ability and the skills to provide the service they need?

Many services just too expensive and that is the reason:

There are many expenses as a business and one of the largest expense is MARKETING and BRANDING ! 

Those two necessary for every business in order to get to audience (potential clients).

These days i see more and more small businesses losing their income and more and more people losing their jobs.

That reminds me the days that I was young, sitting at home and begging to get some work todo instead of watching tv.

I realized that basically everyone of us is a provider as we all a consumer !

We all need services and we all can provide some services.

If we have limited ability to make money why not barter??

Everyone of us has skills and talents that can be used for making living.

That is the reason “Get E Done” was created.

“Get E Done” is a social platform that will fill that missing link in the market chain.

The platform built to help EVERYONE to get the opportunity to barter services and\or make some money.

Wether you are a 17 years old that trying to make some money to your first car, or a student that willing and able to teach younger people mathematic or even if you are a pro website builder.

Just sign up to the platform and get tasks instead of sitting and watching tv.

On the other hand if someone needs a service, why not give a chance to those people how have no resources to market them self ? 

Thay most likely at least as good as those who have the resources to get to you via the huge marketing systems that make tons of money that is coming strait from our pockets!

You may even get the service you need free no money – as a barter !

When we pay a big business, the price contains the budgets for those Huge marketing systems, taxes and more stuff.

We really hope to help as many people as possible to get out of the situation that we all know so well.

I hope we are all going to have more jobs to do for each other.”

It is simple !

It is social !



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